Are Thai Girls Really That Bad? Here’s How to Meet Your Thai Soulmate

Medium, 14th September, 2018


Have you ever stumbled across a stereotype about money-orientated Thai females, and wondered how true it was?

You’re not the only one.

Thai girls are said to be mendacious, mercenary and menacing. But there is hope!

Well, if you are straight and on the prowl for a genuine Thai lady, a tall girl with big feet, large melons set high on her chest and broad shoulders might indeed be a menacing sight.

‘Where do you meet those honest girls time and again?’, a friend of mine asked after I’d told him about my new Thai girlfriend. Knowing his favourite place in Thailand, I wasn’t surprised he hadn’t found any of the decent sort yet. His loss.

It’s not overwhelmingly difficult to find trustworthy Thai females. Like everywhere else in the world, the kind of girls you meet in the Land of Smiles depends on where you hang out.

Read on to find out where and how you can strike up conversations with sincere Thais, and where and how not.

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