Forget All Thai Islands You've Heard of Before - Explore This Deserted Mini Paradise, 4th March, 2019

Still hunting for beaches that you don’t have to share with any other foreigner?

I know, the ticket touts promise you the moon. They show you leaflets with picture-postcard islands. White sands, abandoned shores, happy customers.

They cajole you into going on a tour. You discuss it with your travel partner, eager to find Eden. And eventually, your urge to go on an adventure gets the better of you – you book the trip.

The next day, the driver collects many day-trippers, and by the time you’re heading for the pier, the minivan is crammed full.

Just as packed as the small bus is the speedboat, revving and rumbling like a Hayabusa, splitting your ears.

The first beach, though dazzling white, is littered with holiday-makers.

Bloody hell, tours suck!

I feel you. Scores of tourists are a nuisance.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Read on to find one of those so-called ‘gems’ that lots of travel writers are talking about.

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